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Ukraine Revolution Continues

Protesters reinforce their barricade in Kiev on January 21, 2014 during clashing break of the opposition and the police. (AFP Photo/Sergei Supinski)


This is no longer a protest or isolated riot.  This is a rebellion. 


Over 350,000 protestors have walled in the military base at the country's capital Kiev.



RIA Novosti/Andrey Stenin


Now both sides are walling themselves up.  But the tension is rising, talks between the leaders of the rebellion and the government have ended, due to "No constructive dialogue."  Apparently the President never met with the leader of the protest because he had a meeting.


Perhaps that's not the way you should treat the person who has large swaths of your capital/military surrounded and under occupation.


AFP Photo / Volodymyr Shuvayev


Due to timezones, it is now night there.  And so far that is when all hell breaks loose.  There are rumors that the police will be staging an attack on the barricades that now surround them.


Tonight could quite literally determine the outcome of the rebellion and Ukraine's fate.