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I am currently working on my graduating thesis for Arizona State University. For my thesis I must find a better way for new authors to break into the fictional book market.  I hope to discover this by contributing to the book community.

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Bookish Fast Fact:


Harry Potter!



The plants in HP are based off a real book called Culpeper's Complete Herbal. She used the "witchy" ones

After like 50 attempts to remember my email and password over the past few months.....I'm back!!!!

Some Exciting News

Contracts are signed!

A chapter from my upcoming novel, "The Phoenix Cycle" will be used as the example for modern stoic philosophy for a book that will cover the history, development, psychology, and modern day use of stoic philosophy. My chapter will be featured in the modern philosophy section.

The book is being written/published by philosophy professors and authors from University of Exeter, Birbeck University, and The Queen Mary University in London.


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stephen king
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Make a 2 Sentence Horror story competition

I heard about this little horror competition.


I don't write horror at all but I thought it'd be fun seeing as I only have to write 2 sentences.




Here are my creepy entries:


"I was awoken by an angry knock at my bedroom door.  I live alone."


"My 7 year old daughter won't stop screaming in the middle of the night.  I keep burying her deeper and deeper each time, but she just screams louder."


"I really hate wasting food.  So I fed the rest of the fat bastard to the dogs before he went bad."




Have fun sleeping y'all!  :)

Where have I been? and should I take a shower?



Well I've been incredibly busy with my book thesis and figuring out my life post college. 


But I feel the end is near and the questions are finally being answered.


So with caution I say, "Hello again booklikes.  My good old friend."

A little Faith in Humanity Restored


Over 160 people have taken my survey about book blogger preferences!!!!


My thesis is getting some real credible data behind it!!!


People may have to actually take it seriously....uh oh


Please take it if you're a person who blogs about books/posts book reviews online :)




Damn it Ygritte!

Check out My Kickstarter


I want to bring my Series to the next level!


Click the pic and see if you are interested in supporting my project!

That'd be just Greaaaaat

Bad Luck Bryan

I launched my Kickstarter for my book!


For those who don't know kickstarter is a crowd funding site.  This site makes it really easy to get involved and help up and coming authors.


I have been working on my kickstarter project for months.  I have done everything I could to make this a really interesting project!  Now all I have to do is get the word out!


A contribution, reblog, post, or a mention to your compadres would mean the world to me and would really help me out!


Great things start small :)


Here is the link!  Check it out!



Happy Valentines Day! Be happy you're not in Shanghai!

Daniel Radcliffe is the male version of Jennifer Lawrence

When haters get to hatin', I'm just like...