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I am currently working on my graduating thesis for Arizona State University. For my thesis I must find a better way for new authors to break into the fictional book market.  I hope to discover this by contributing to the book community.

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7 Weird Facts about Thanksgiving

As we sit down to the table to consume burned bird I think it would be interesting to point out a few strange facts about this sacred food stuffing holiday

1.  When the Macy's Thanksgiving parade began

the parade only used real animals, no elaborate floats.


2. The night before Thanksgiving is the single

biggest night for bar sales.      Cheers!


3. Thanksgiving was not an official holiday until Lincoln


4. This is the busiest day for plumbers due to "Overwhelm(ing) the system."



5. Canadians even celebrate Thanksgiving!  But on the second Thursday of November.



6.  TV dinners were birthed from a Turkey "analyst's" mistake. 

This guy over predicated the number of turkey sales for Thanksgiving by 26 tons! 

In order to sell the turkey another way a sly salesman cut it up and added sides.


7. President Roosevelt made Thanksgiving a week earlier in 1939 to

extend the Christmas shopping season and thus spur economic growth.