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I am currently working on my graduating thesis for Arizona State University. For my thesis I must find a better way for new authors to break into the fictional book market.  I hope to discover this by contributing to the book community.

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Opening of The Phoenix Cycle
Opening of The Phoenix Cycle

When he watched his would-be wife die, that's when he snapped.  When he sat there, newly alone as her last beat pulsed through her veins.  He knew that, while powerless, he was still somehow completely responsible for every dimming shade of blue that leaked from her beautifully bloodstained eyes.  That's when all this began. 


That's when this rebellion really started.  That's what lead to the awakening of a people who's brains had been washed so clean, that killing their fellow cyclamen to become part of the "City Guard" didn't seem too foul.  It's what made the young women second guess becoming one of the "Esteemed" ladies of the Inner circle.  


Her withering heart is how this story begins and is how New San Francisco ends.





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