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I am currently working on my graduating thesis for Arizona State University. For my thesis I must find a better way for new authors to break into the fictional book market.  I hope to discover this by contributing to the book community.

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Opening of The Phoenix Cycle
Opening of The Phoenix Cycle

I remember sitting next to a camp fire once when I was very young.  I thought it was so strange that the fire would sporadically crackle and pop from out of no where.  It wasn't until much later in my life that I discovered the reason for this is these little micro pockets in the wood that are filled with sap.  When the fire draws near the pocket, the sap begins to jump and bubble as its home turns into a frying pan.  Oxygen soon deserts the sap's chemical composition, in an attempt to flee from the coming fire.  As a result, the sap vaporizes and explodes as its home becomes engulfed in flame.  Afterward, the pocket sits in shambles, the walls covered in soot, the curtains singed.  For a moment, everything in the pocket lays still, until the flame slowly creeps into the doorway.


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